Class Action Plaintiffs Attorneys Increasingly Join Forces in Face of Law Changes

As the requirements for class action lawsuits become more stringent, top plaintiffs attorneys are joining forces to ensure their cases meet the threshold to move forward.

The “strength in numbers” approach is helping keep certain class actions alive in a challenging climate for class action practitioners, according to a new report from Law360. The report cites the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 and a series of U.S. Supreme Court rulings in recent years as the impetus for plaintiffs attorneys from different firms to team up.  To accommodate the requirements of the Class Action Fairness Act, initial complaints are often up to 100 pages long, compared with the typical 10-to-30-page complaint that would be common during the 1990s.

When firms that have similar practices– such as pursuing class action claims against businesses that engage in deceptive practices – teaming up may help ensure claims meet today’s criteria and produce a favorable settlement or verdict.  Farmer Jaffe recently won multiple high-profile class action cases, including a $5.7 million judgment against Donald Trump’s Trump National Golf Club Jupiter following trial and recently settled Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) cases against Gallup, Jimmy Choo, and The Harvard Drug Group.

Seth Lehrman and other Edwards Pottinger attorneys have experience assembling litigation teams for complex legal matters – including class actions – to make sure the firm’s clients have the strongest team available.

Lehrman litigates class actions in state and federal courts in Florida, California and across the United States. He can be reached at [email protected] or 1-800-400-1098 during business hours on Eastern Standard Time.