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Whether the problem is sexual abuse, discrimination, or harassment, it is no secret that Wall Street has the problem in spades. Given its wealth, power, and institutional ability to keep secrets, Wall Street has largely managed to avoid the spotlight now shining on other conspicuous business arenas.

The heavy-weight financial firms on what we call “Wall Street”—that is, banks and financial companies from New York to California—are overwhelmingly male-dominated, making the industry one of the most difficult for women to speak up when they see, hear about, or experience abuse. The longstanding fear that a “good ‘ole boy” system will protect perpetrators and black-ball complainants is unfortunately true. But, “Time’s Up” on all of that. Now is the time for change.

No business should be allowed to permit abuse to become an accepted part of its culture. Our law firm has historically handled cases where the power disparity between abusers and their targets is large. Our goal is to level the playing field and help survivors get the full measure of justice they so deeply deserve.

If you or a loved one have experienced any type of sexual abuse or harassment, contact firm partner Brad Edwards today at (800)400-1098 or [email protected]

Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports

Sexual abuse by the powerful against the weak, young, disabled, or otherwise vulnerable has been prevalent forever. Silencing victims and survivors, in one way or the other, has provided perpetrators and those who protect perpetrators cover and has allowed the epidemic of sexual abuse to spread. Finally victims and survivors are able to speak up and refuse to be silenced, at any stage. This new movement and new age is the beginning of shifting the power and should place fear in the eyes of the perpetrators.

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