Month: November 2017

Appellate Court Upholds TCPA Violation Ruling Based on Single Phone Call

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) helps protect users against automated services, unsolicited calls, messages or other spam texts that encourage the purchase of goods, services or investments. With the frequency of these unwanted messages on the rise, each case from here on out sets a precedent for what is acceptable and what constitutes a violation of privacy and protected rights.

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Can I Sue Someone Who Robbed Me?

If the police caught the perpetrator or you know who it is, you can sue someone who robbed you. At Edwards Pottinger LLC, we represent robbery victims in court and give them a fair chance to recover damages for everything they have been through.

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Who Can I Sue for My Robbery?

In addition to suing the person or persons who robbed you, you may also be able to sue third parties that were indirectly involved in your robbery. This will allow you to receive full compensation in case the person who robbed you lacks the assets to cover your damages. For example, other liable parties might include:

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